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Training Materials
Validation Articles & Patents

Validation, Publications & Patents

Methods and Technology of BPro have been validated and patented.


Progress on the development of the MediWatch* ABPM and related device.


Development and validation of a novel method to derive CASP**.

Patented Technology

Patented method and device for monitoring blood pressure.

Patented Algorithm

Patented methods for derivation of CASP values and analysis of an arterial dataset.

*BPro was previously known as the 'MediWatch'

**CASP: Central Aortic Systolic Pressure

Comparison Studies

Comparison Studies

Following studies were done comparing BPro with other blood pressure monitoring devices.

Comparison of wrist-type and arm-type 24-h blood pressure monitoring devices for ambulatory use

Novel description of the 24-hr Circadian Rhythms of Brachial vs Central BP & the Impact of BP

Validation of the BPro radial pulse waveform acquisition device in pregnancy and gestational hypertensive disorders

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