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Enhancing Life

At HealthSTATS, we push the boundaries of biomedical technologies particularly in finding the “missing link” in the measurement and diagnosis of hypertension and related illnesses.  Everything we do is deeply rooted in enhancing life so that one may live life to its fullest.  Our passion for life has enabled us to develop novel and patented 24 hr cuff-less Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring [ABPM] and Pulse Wave technologies that have the power to revolutionalize the way hypertension is being currently measured and diagnosed.   

Realise Your Dreams and Potential

You will make a difference with your skills, knowledge and ingenuity at HealthSTATS.  Everything you do will help to enhance life. Your personal growth and potential will be realised at HealthSTATS with our drive and culture on innovation, creativity and growth.  We are committed to diversity and engagement of all minds.  Join us!  Write to us and work with our associates who not only love what they do well, but also why and where they do it. 

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